Frame (broken and rusty)

So the frame on this Airstream International wasn’t really bad, but it did leave allot to be desired. Some spots were totally rusted through while some looked new. The support for the waste tanks was totally rusted away. There was a crack on each side of the main beam just behind the rear axle. (Damage from towing for decades with zero shock absorption due to bad torsion axles). At least we found out why the tail was sagging.

We spent days wire brushing the rust away. It was really fun and satisfying for about 10 minutes.

I borrowed my buddy’s welder and bought some steel beams. In the end we added over 100 feet of new steal beams, reinforced the main beams almost the full length of the trailer, Added 2 new beams over the axles that extend toward the rear, replaced several outriggers and installed a beam down the center to attach the new sub floor.

We also moved the grey and black water tanks forward to just behind the axels. This seemed like a good idea rather that having a ton of shit cantilevered way out in the back pulling the tail down. We are going to put our bedroom in the rear.

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